Bedow and GBGT Box Launch “A Lovely Atmoshere”

January 12, 2024

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The primary function of a box is to shield its precious contents from outer harm. At GBGT Box, this functionality is elevated to an art-form while keeping a strong focus on sustainability. ‘A Lovely Atmosphere‘ is a nested collection of five premium boxes – a metaphor for the Earth’s atmospheric layers – that not only communicates the sustainable approach of GBGT Box but also showcases their exceptional craftsmanship.

To celebrate GBGT Box’s commitment to sustainability, Swedish design studio Bedow was commissioned to produce an object that showcased both the brand’s unmatched craft and its commitment to ensuring that luxury packaging can be produced in a way that has no adverse effects on the biosphere.

‘A Lovely Atmosphere’ is both a catalogue of the brand’s materials and techniques and an object that honours the fragility of our planet. Its five nested boxes act like a matryoshka, with each layer detailing the unique qualities of the exosphere, thermosphere, mesosphere, stratosphere, and troposphere through five unique artworks.

Each box has a seamless cubic shape thanks to precision slicing – a technology GBGT Box has spent years perfecting – and comes with a list of material components and a carbon footprint calculation to raise awareness of the impact the packaging industry has on the biosphere. It also highlights the tiny carbon footprint of GBGT Box’s own low-impact packaging. With their wind turbine-powered facilities, they can boast 100 per cent fossil fuel-free and renewable electricity.

“GBGT Box’s speciality is crafting climate-smart, functional packaging designed for the premium sector,” says Maria Iversén, CMO at GBGT Box. “For the influential packaging fair, Luxe Pack in Monaco, in October, we wanted to show visitors a product where we clearly explain how each package affects the Earth’s resources. And, of course, we wanted to excel in printing and packaging design.”

Bedow was tasked with designing the boxes and developed the concept “A Lovely Atmosphere”, where the five layers of the atmosphere become a metaphor for five nested boxes.

“Just as Earth’s atmosphere safeguards life on our planet, a box shields its precious contents from external harm. Without this delicate balance of the atmosphere’s five layers, the Earth would be nothing more than another rock floating in an endless universe,” explains Anders Bollman, strategist at Bedow. “Bedow has captured our brand purpose perfectly,” says Iversén. “Not only have they challenged us on what is technically possible in terms of printing, but they have also helped us to strategically mark our transition from being a specialist in customised packaging to a company that also takes responsibility for a sustainable future.”

“A Lovely Atmosphere” is produced for discerning packaging lovers and is available to order from GBGT Box.

Bedow crafts a cardboard matryoshka to visualise GBGT Box's commitment to Earth
friendly production processes.