Reza Abedani to lecture at the ED-Conference

May 26, 2010

There has been a late cancellation by one of the speakers of the ED-Conference. Polish designer Jacek Utko will not be able to make it for his presentation. Again, we are happy to say that we have taken this negative event and turned it in something very positive. One of our times’ most respected designers, Reza Abedani has agreed to step in by holding a lecture.

Some (not many) might ask “how come an Iranian might be invited in what is the European Design Conference”. The answer is simple: by European we don’t mean country of origin but base. You could be a Brazilian national, but as long as you live and work in Europe, you’re eligible to participate in the ED-Awards and of course to present in the ED-Conference. But most importantly… who on his/her right mind refuse the opportunity to watch a person of Reza’s caliber anyway?