ED-Awards 2014 Ceremony

May 7, 2014

The European Design Awards 2014 Ceremony will take place at the Comedia Theatre in Cologne, Germany, on Saturday, 24 May at 20:00. 

Comedia Theatre
Vondelstraße 4-8,
50677 Köln, Germany

The ceremony will be hosted by stand-up comedian Bob Maclaren

Tickets available via our webshop

The ceremony will start at 20:00. Doors will open at 19:30. While waiting for the show to start we will serve a glass of wine or soft drink and some snacks in the foyer from 19:00 onwards. We estimate the ceremony to end around 22:00.

If you are a gold, silver or bronze winner in the ED-Awards you will be called to come up on stage to receive your prize. Gold winners will receive a trophy and a diploma while silver and bronze winners will receive a diploma (all diplomas are in two copies so that you can give one to your client). There is no restriction on how many people you can bring up on stage and some agencies even bring their clients. You are welcome to use the microphone to say something on stage but of course this is not compulsory. Before you leave the stage please wait for our photographer to take a photo of the winners in your category. You may sit anywhere in the hall (the seats are not numbered).

One of the most common questions we get regarding the ED-Awards ceremony is: “what should I wear? How formal is this event?”. Well… the answer is that there are no dress codes for the ceremony. It is always a laid back, friendly and enjoyable event to attend. It is seen by most at the design community as a party, an opportunity to meet and interact with colleagues from all over Europe. So the answer is… you may turn up in whatever way you feel comfortable. If you definitely need a suggestion though, the answer is that most people go for the “casual smart” look.

We have arranged a party at the Engel & Weiss club (Mozartstraße 35-37) downtown, right after the ceremony ends. If you are a winner or if you bought tickets to the ceremony or party you will also receive an entrance badge while you’re entering the ceremony hall.  There will be a DJ playing all night and drinks are on us! We have arranged for two buses to pick up everyone from the Comedia Theatre and transport them to the club. The first two buses will arrive at 10:15 and will be back half an hour later to pick up the rest.