European Design Festival, May in Porto

July 27, 2016

This is one of Europe’s oldest tourist destinations. Its wealth of artistic heritage, Port Wine, open-air leisure spaces and cultural life are just some of the reasons to visit this city.

The city unfolds along the river bank and the sea shore, to reveal charming vistas, inviting esplanades and all the pleasures of the outdoors, framed by its green spaces. But setting out to discover Porto means bumping into surprise after surprise. Whilst maintaining its welcoming and conservative nature, the city is, at the same time, contemporary and creative. This can be seen in its streets, its architectures, its museums, its leisure spaces, its esplanades and its shopping areas which run from the traditional to the modern and exclusive.

It is exactly this creative air in the city (which extends into a vibrant design scene), that drove the ED-Awards organisers to bring this year’s festival in Porto.
Our 2017 Awards ceremony is going to take place on the 27th of May and it will be preceded by a string of very interesting events. More details on the subject will be announced shortly.